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The Ugliness Inside of Me by changruth101

This is just... Beautiful...

Okay. Now my two sense worth; (AHAHAHAH I LUV THIS WORD SO MUCH!)

I would just like to say that the ugliness, which is the three shadow like girls behind your main, looks too elegant. Most of the time people would portray them as if they were pretty evil or mean.

Another two sense worth, if there was no title, some people would think of the ugliness, which is the three girls (lemme just call them Ugliness from now on), are bullies bullying her. Just from me, maybe you should connect the Ugliness to the main :3 like a shadow.

When I first saw the title, I really wanted the picture to relate to me. "The ugliness inside me" . That title really just made my heart feel so... I can't explain.

And that chair. It's so antique. I love it.
Okay that's all!~ please don't take it personally, Kay?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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